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Client Reviews

Jibril Jaha

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Def Lens Media is a professional team of deaf filmmakers and creatives. As much as I want to tap into the deaf ecosystem, they worked with me as long as they could without any issues. The professionalism to deliver the videos just the way I wanted to be was good. If you ever wanted to get a series or a long show - they can be the best company to work with!

Michai Hanley

Hello to Deaf Community! This is an amazing opportunity for the deaf to able to work with this unique company. Based on my experience with Bodak Yellow music video with American Sign Language helps me understand their purpose in this community to show the abilities of what Deaf can do. I gained a lot of expereinces of learning how to follow the director and put in a lot of hard works in the music video. I believe that I will able to work with this again and hopefully you are too!

Specializing in Brand Marketing services in American Sign Language.

Deaf Can!
eeaf Can.png

We had the pleasure of working with Teddy to develop a video series in 2018.  He did a remarkable job picking talent, writing, producing and directing the video for DEAF C.A.N.!   A real work of art.


Specializing in Brand Marketing services in American Sign Language.

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