E-Business Strategy

Marketing Through Pandemics, Cancellations, & Uncertainty

As unprecedented circumstances arise, it’s important to have effective virtual communication solutions to ensure your marketing messages are delivered – even when social distancing. Our team of experts will ensure that your marketing thrives through these harsh times.

Def Lens Media adheres to all coronavirus recommendations and policies granted at local, state, and national levels as well as from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for services on-location.

Check out a few of our services below that can help you increase your outreach during a pandemic:

Closed Captions

One of the pillars of the DLM business model is accessibility. We provide a no-fuss closed captions solution for online events, as well as pre-recorded content. If accessibility is your goal, we have a solution.


Def Lens Media is a proud partner with several ASL Interpreting agencies and CART providers throughout the US to ensure that information is accessible, especially through virtual communication. Let us be the bridge to ensure access for your Deaf employees. 

Community Advocates

We remain active in our local communities and beyond to strive for complete access to communication. To find out more about how Def Lens Media gives back to the community, click here!

Visual Media Production Services

As competing marketing professionals turn to DIY solutions, we offer professional post-production services including editing, animation, podcasts, graphic design, presentation design, meme design — you name it! Whether it’s continuity graphics for a virtual meeting or making sense of a grab-bag of user-submitted assets and phone recordings, we can help fill in the gaps of any marketing effort. 

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